SATOOZ Rewards

To thank you lovely customers for your support and loyalty, we have launched SATOOZ Rewards!

Our SATOOZ Rewards are simple. Each time you shop with us, you will earn points for the money you spend. You can then use these points as credit towards future purchases at SATOOZ.

How does it work?

  • When an order is placed, the total amount of the order (excluding shipping) will be used to calculate the amount of points earned. These points are added to your account.
  • You can login to your account to view the balance of your points (look in the Vouchers/Rewards section of your account)
  • During the checkout process you can opt to pay for part of your order with your points balance.


Earning Points

  • You earn 5 points for every AUD$1 you spend at SATOOZ (excluding shipping).
  • For example, if you purchase products to the value of AUD$100, you will earn 500 points.
  • Points expire after 365 days


Redeeming Points

  • If you have a points balance in account, you can use those points to pay towards future purchases made at SATOOZ.
  • You receive AUD$5 store credit for every 500 points redeemed (or part thereof).
  • During the checkout proccess, on the page where you select a payment method, there is a box to enter the amount of points you wish to redeem. Enter the amount of points you would like to spend or tick the box to use all available points. Please note, you will still have to select another payment method if there is not enough points to cover the cost of your purchase. Continue through the checkout process and at the confirmation page you'll see the value of the points redeemed and credited towards your order. Once you confirm your order, your points account will be updated and the points used deducted from your balance. Note that any purchase made when redeeming points will only be rewarded with additional points for the amount spent other than points.
  • A balance of 500 or more points must be accumulated for you to redeem your points.
  • No minimum purchase amount is required to redeem your points.
  • A maximum of AUD$50 (5000 points) is allowed to redeemed per order.



  • Points are only available to customers who have registered SATOOZ accounts. New customers can create an account here and enjoy theses benefits straight away.
  • SATOOZ Rewards can only be collected and used with online purchases, and are only valid at SATOOZ.
  • Points are non-refundable and can't be transferred between customers.
  • Points are non-transferable or exchangeable for cash under any circumstances.
  • Points will not be refunded for any cancelled order.
  • When purchasing with points, you will have to select another payment method if there is not enough points in your account to cover the cost of your purchase.
  • When calculating the amount of points earned, shipping fees are excluded.
  • To the extent permitted by law, SATOOZ will not be liable for any errors, omissions, delays or disruptions in the operation of the SATOOZ Rewards and will not be liable for any loss caused by any such errors, omissions, delays or disruptions.
  • SATOOZ will not allow redemption of any Points that have been credited in error or which relate to a purchase that is subsequently cancelled or reversed or where a refund is given. Any Points that have been credited in error may be subsequently deducted from the customer’s account. This decision is at the discretion of SATOOZ. No discussion will be entered into.
  • Please note: we reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time without prior notice or liability. We strongly advise you to check this page often as we may make changes to this policy.


For any queries regarding our SATOOZ Rewards, please contact us. Please provide as much information as possible in the email in order for us to best help you.