South African Recipes

We hope that you enjoy cooking these delicious South African recipes.

Thank you to our talented SATOOZ customers who have shared these recipes with us!

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Starters and Sides (Starters, entrees and side dishes)

Corn Bake (Sharlotte Venter)

Rosies Potato Bake (Sharlotte Venter)

Ouma Jo's Advocado Salad (Sharlotte Venter)

Elsabe's Mustard (Sharlotte Venter)

Pumpkin Bake (Carol Haxton)

Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad (Connie van den Elst)


Mains (Main meals)

Mozambique Chicken (Annalie Snyman)

Tuna Roll (Carol Haxton)

Traditional Cape Malay recipe for Bobotie (fruity curried mince) (Margaret Whitehead)

Quick Shake Savoury Tart (Sharon Stubbings)

Boerewors Meatballs with Pap and Sauce (Annalie Snyman)

Chicken Peri-peri (Gail Irvine)


Desserts (Sweet treats)

Tipsy Tart (Gordon Armstrong)

Chocolate Mallow Pudding (“Sjokolade-malvapoeding”) (Annalie Snyman)

Margaret’s Magic Lemon Meringue Pie (Margaret Whitehead)

Poor Mans Pudding (Margaret Whitehead)

South African Peppermint Crisp Tart (Nola Nunes)

Milk Tart (translated) (Ira Smith)

Brandy Tart (Annalie Snyman)


Baking (Sweet and savoury baked delights)

Duncan’s ‘Famous’ Banana Muffins© (Duncan Goldsmith)

Dish in a Bread (Maria Agenbag)

Marshmallow Squares (Margaret Whitehead)

Traditional South African Pancakes (Annalie Snyman)