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You certainly don’t have to hail from South Africa to understand and enjoy the complexities in the flavours of biltong meat. This well-loved South African meat style is enjoyed by people all around the world as both a treat and a gift, and it is available right here in our store for you to order at your door in Australia. We only import the finest meats for you to choose from so you will be satisfied with the incredible range of flavours available every time you order biltong from Satooz.

The best place to buy biltong on the internet

At Satooz, we are proud to be Australia’s leading provider of South African meat products. When you buy meat and groceries from us, you will be receiving only the best in African flavours to remind you of home or inspire you with a new culinary style.

Buy biltong ready-made

If you aren’t exactly a whizz in the kitchen, then we have a range of pre-made biltong options ready to be delivered to you. Our range of Tastes from Africa includes not only biltong meat but other delicious dried meats, including dry wors. Explore the glorious flavours of South African meat when you shop online with Satooz.

All the spices in the rainbow

For those who prefer to spice their own meats, we have a wide variety of quality South African spices. You will frequently find that our spices are included in our online specials section as well, so there is no better reason than to browse our store to find the right ingredients to make your own tasty biltong at home.

Whether you’re shopping for home and leisure items or you enjoy the rewards you can earn when you buy biltong from our online store, Satooz is ready to serve you Australia’s best SA shopping experience. Contact us to find out more about how you can order biltong online today.