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Whether you’re far away from home or have recently travelled to South Africa and want to add a touch of South African culture to your Australian home, it’s the smallest things that can make the biggest difference. With our wide range of authentic South African home décor items, you are sure to find a few pieces to suit your home at Satooz. 

Modern and traditional South African home décor

If you’re a South African expat or have been to the country, you will know that there really is no place like it anywhere in the world — and the same can be said about the unique South African home décor. From statement pieces that will be a real point of difference in Australian homes to everyday household items, we are one of the best online South African home décor shops around. 

Some of the South African home décor online in our range includes:

  • South African kitchen utensils — We have functional items like placemats, plates, bowls and more.
  • One-of-a-kind beaded and glass ornaments — From beaded Christmas baubles to solid glass penguins and more, you won’t find décor that is more authentically South African.
  • Animal-themed décor — Find photo frames, shot glasses and figurines of South Africa’s famous Big Five animals. 
  • Everyday household items — With large items including braais and braai tongs as well as smaller products like bottle openers and soap, you will find everything you need to create a South African home in Australia.

The best online South African home décor shop in Australia

Whether you want to add a subtle South African atmosphere to your home with a few beaded decorations or you’re looking for potjie pots and biltong machines, Satooz has you covered. As the longest-running online South African store in Australia, you can be sure of the quality and variety of products we stock. From South African home décor items to groceries, meat, biltong, gifts and more, there is no better place to shop for all things South African than online at Satooz