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For all those African grocery items you need to put together the perfect dinner, look no further than our online African grocery store. Browse our range to find wonderful goodies and treats that will go perfectly with our selection of meats and biltong. All of which is conveniently delivered to your door, Australia wide.

Everything you need from an African grocery shop

We pride ourselves on stocking the widest range of African grocery products in Australia. From the teas that you love to your favourite biscuits, we’ve got it all in our African grocery store.

Sweet treats

From tasty All Gold Jam to Bakers Strawberry Whirls, your sweet tooth will be nothing but satisfied once you’ve browsed through our delicious collection. Sweets make the perfect gift ideas for friends and family too.

Soups and savouries

Reminisce with a taste of your childhood with our quality range of soups available in our African grocery shop. Our Knorr selection offers the best in soups and recipe bases to give you the nostalgic flavours of home.


Miss your Flippen Lekka Worcester sauce and your good old All Gold tomato sauce at home? All your saucy problems are solved with this in our African grocery store.


In addition to our great African grocery range, we offer regular specials and promotions and shopping rewards for you to enjoy. Get your favourite groceries at the lowest prices from the Satooz African grocery store.

From home and leisure to the best South African foods and treats, you can’t go past Australia’s original and best African grocery store. Contact us to see how we can ship you all of your favourites with just a few easy clicks of a button today.