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Braai-ing is as fundamental to South African communal dining as the traditional BBQ is to Australia. The multicultural culinary history of the South African people is infused into the meat that grills on a Braai. One waft of the scintillating aroma is all it takes for people to gather and enjoy the delicious combination of Braai flavours. Braai seasoning in South Africa is a must, so we encourage you to create your own authentic sensory experience today.

Braais brings friends and family together in celebration of life’s joyous events. At SATOOZ, we are focused on getting the very best and authentic South African cheer to you and your loved ones. With our traditional braai selection, you can create a customary South African atmosphere for your guests and enjoy your role as braai master. Whether it is Braai day (Heritage Day’s affectionate nickname) or a casual gathering, whip up your SATOOZ braai and create a special day of your own. 

SATOOZ offers the finest selection of cured meats and accompanying goodies. Browse our store online today, and you’ll find plenty of ingredients to help create a special day around the braai, with traditional braai seasoning, snacks, gifts, and decor. Don’t forget that we also regularly offer fantastic quality products at a discounted rate. Take a look at our specials and promotions to satisfy your South African braai cravings. 

As the longest-running traditional South African online store in Australia, we are proud and confident of our ability to share the tastes of South African cuisine. If you have any trouble ordering or would like to make a special request for an item we do not currently have on offer, feel free to look at our FAQs or contact us online to have your questions answered by our friendly staff today.