Task Force Retriever - Out Of Angola By Len Kloosman


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An epic thriller based on a rescue operation during the ugly Angolan civil war of the 1970s. A brutal civil war where the lines of good and bad are blurred, and one's values are severely tested. 

Harrington, the reluctant hero, is part of a special task force involved in this operation. Will his luck and ingenuity help him to successfully complete his mission? Or will his lack of preparedness cause him to fall into the clutches of death? 

As the mission progresses, the turbulence of war creates challenges the rescue team are unequipped for. 

More pressing perhaps, is the deep internal struggle that each team member has to face on his own, between the good and evil within. The turmoil even brings into play the dire question of whether they can trust in each other...a crucial choice that could determine their survival or otherwise.   

Task Force Retriever - Out of Angola explores love, war, the politics of hate, apartheid and international intrigue through this mission. A breath-taking adventure filled with excitement, betrayal and suspicion that will leave you gasping for more until the unexpected climax at the end of the book. 



About the Author, Len Kloosman

Born in South Africa, Kloosman is an only child. As a result of his father (consulting engineer) being transferred to various factories, he attended five different primary schools in as many years. His high school years were spent at Dale College in King Williams Town where he matriculated in 1956.

He studied medicine at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and qualified in 1964. His intern years were served at the blacks only Baragwanath Hospital on the outskirts of Soweto.

On completing his intern year he married and served as Casualty Officer at the Germiston General Hospital for a year before moving to the gold mining town of Stilfontein to take up general practice.

Divorced two years later, he joined an import/export company. His brief of medical sales resulted in his travelling extensively through Rhodesia, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Angola and Zaire over the next year.

He returned to general practice in the town of Krugersdorp where he ran two separate consulting rooms (one for whites and one for blacks). Fluent in both English and Afrikaans, he entered politics partaking in the 1974 general election. Though not winning the seat, he reduced the (Apartheid) National Party majority substantially. That same year he obtained a Master's degree in medicine from the University of Pretoria.

It was at this time that he became acquainted with high-ranking military and political figures in his neighbourhood, including the State Vice President. Through these associations he met one of the protagonists in the story.

Whilst in Angola, he realised that the solution to South Africa's problems was not a military one but primarily a political one. Australia seemed to offer the best home from home and so it was that he migrated there in 1978 and became naturalised three years later.

Today the writer lives in Sydney and is still actively engaged in general practice.




Add a Twist of Sand to The Guns of Navarone and you have an explosive account of an adventure which will keep you turning the pages.

From a (literally) cliff-hanging opening paragraph, through the intrigues of the secret services of the USA, South Africa and other countries involved in the Angolan civil war, you won’t be satisfied until you have finished this remarkable novel.

Although clearly fiction, it is based on the experiences of the doctor-author, who does not hesitate to describe the bloodiness of man-against-man, hand-to-hand warfare, as well as the awful effects of weapons used at a distance.

For anyone interested in the move of African countries from colonies to independent states, and the rivalry for influence between the US and the communists, the politics are intriguing.

Fiction is might be, but as best-selling author Elliot Perlman (The Streetsweeper) has said, “Fiction, at least some fiction, can also confront us with truths we might otherwise never have encountered.”

Dr. Peter Arnold (Sydney)




Amazon – Kindle: Ranked Number One Best Seller in its genre – December 2014


For more, see www.lenkloosman.com and www.facebook.com/OUTOFANGOLA


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