Special Offers and Discounts

Nestle Bar One Chocolate (BB 30.06.17)
15% OFF RRP $2.00
All Gold Peach Jam 450g (BB 01/17)
53% OFF RRP $4.25
New! Beacon Easter Bunny (BB 31/10/2018)
26% OFF RRP $3.70
Coke Radio 18 X 12.5 cm (decoration only)
40% OFF RRP $45.00
Fruit Dainty Cubes 250g (BB 30.06.17)
20% OFF RRP $4.95
Kreemy Meal 1kg (BB 18 FEB 17)
34% OFF RRP $6.40
Kreemy Meal 1kg (BB 22/12/16)
53% OFF RRP $6.40
Ponds Vanishing Cream 100ml (Exp 08/2017)
36% OFF RRP $14.00
Smarties 70g (BB 30/09/16)
31% OFF RRP $3.25

Some of these products are nearing or past their best before dates, but they are still fine... While the best before date indicates that a product may lose some of it's quality after that date, these foods can generally be expected to retain their colour, taste, texture and flavour provided that they are stored correctly. A best before date is not the same as a use by date or expiry date.