Unfortunately products listed in this category have been discontinued for various reasons (manufacturer discontinued or not permitted in Australia).

Please be assured that we will always go to the ends of the earth to try and supply all of your favourite products but we do have to abide by the Australian Food Standards Code.  That said, regulations do change often so we recommend that you always keep an eye on our website and Facebook page as we will constantly keep it updated with products that we are able/no longer able to provide.

  • Beacon BlackBalls (manufacturer discontinued)
  • Beacon Fizz Pops Cola (manufacturer discontinued)
  • Beacon Fizz Pops Grape (manufacturer discontinued)
  • Beacon Fizz Pops Cream Soda (manufacturer discontinued)
  • Beacon New Look Bar (manufacturer discontinued)
  • Beacon NutPuffs (manufacturer discontinued)
  • Beacon Tots (Jelly Tots) Animal Shapez (manufacturer discontinued) 
  • Beacon Tots (Jelly Tots) Craziberries Flavoured (not available)
  • Bisto Original Gravy Powder (we still stock granules) 
  • Black Cat Peanut Snack (manufacturer discontinued)
  • Brookes Oros Guava Squash (manufacturer discontinued)
  • Crown National Goudveld Boerewors Seasoning
  • Future Life Chocolate (contains added vitamins)
  • Future Life Orignal (contains added vitamins)
  • Golden Cloud Vetkoek Mix (manufacturer discontinued)
  • Jungle Slim Slabs (dairy content too high)
  • Kariba Kapenta Dried Fish (not permitted in Australia)
  • Knorr Chicken a la King (not available)
  • Knorr Potato Bake Cheese & Bacon (not available)
  • Koo Bean Salad/Sousboontjies 420g (manufacturer discontinued this size)
  • Marina Braai Salt with Garlic (currently not available)
  • Nestle Quality Street (importing too expensice, lack of demand in Australia)
  • Royal Snails in Brine (not available)
  • Royco Cheesy Fish Bake (not available)
  • Royco Malay Chicken Satay Cooking Sauce (manufacturer discontinued)
  • Safari Mebos (we'll be getting stock in again soon!)
  • Spillers Peri Peri Oil (manufacturer discontinued)
  • Tropica (dairy content too high)
  • Pink Toy Ride on Bike (manufacturer discontinued - we still stock the black scooters)
  • Zam-Buk Lip Balm (manufacturer discontinued but we still have a few in stock)

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