Crown National Original Plaaswors Boerewors Seasoning Spice 1.1kg

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Spicy flavour with top notes of clove and nutmeg.


Meat Block

Meat (70:30) 30kg

Ice Water 1.0kg

Vinegar 1.0kg

Crown Plaaswors Batch Pack 1.1kg

Total 33.1kg


Information from Crown National:


What is Boerewors?

Any sausage sold under a name in which the word “boerewors” appears either by itself of in combination with any other word or expression.


Compositional Requirements:

1. Raw boerewors shall be manufactured from the meat of an animal of the bovine, ovine, porcine or caprine species or from a mixture of two or more thereof, shall be contained in an edible casing, and - 

(a) shall contain a minimum of 90 percent total meat content and not more than 30 percent fat content;

(b) shall contain no offal except where such offal is to be used solely as the casing of the raw boerewors

(c) shall contain no mechanically recovered meat;

(d) may contain a maximum of 0,02 grams of calcium per 100 gram of the product mass.


2. In or in connection with the manufacture of raw boerewors, no ingredients shall be added except - 

(a) cereal produces or starch;

(b) vinegar, spices, herbs, salt or other harmless flavourants;

(c) permitted food additives;

(d) water.



How to Make Boerewors


Equipment Preparation:

1. Ensure that equipment is clean.

2. Ensure mincer knives and plates are sharp. Run fat through mincer prior to mincing.

3. Place a nozzle correlating with the diameter of the casing onto the filler.



1. Rince and soak casings

2. Pre-cool all meat to 0ºC

3. Chill water to 2ºC



1. Weigh off suggested meat and mince through 13mm plate

2. Add the Crown Batch Pack to the chilled water, mix thoroughly and allow to stand for 15-20 minutes

3. Combine minced meat with Crown Batch Pack/water mixture

4. Mix well and mince through 4.5mm for boerewors, braaiwors and wors or 3mm plate for sausage products

5. Put the meat mixture into the filler and charge the nozzle with washed casing. Fill slowly.

6. Allow completed boerewors to mature for 12 hours by hanging in a refrigerated room.


The above production method is also applicable in the manufacture of wors, braaiwors and all kinds of sausage products.


Video: How to make your own Boerewors

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